• Bizzare & Unknown Facts about Planet Mars!!


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  • This Ice Palace in Switzerland Will Make You Pack Your Bags

    In winter vacation spending the night in an ice cave is most beautiful experience for anyone. Yes ice hotels are very popular and attractive in places like Swit..

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  • Sneakers on Sale for 132000 $ ???

    Marketing genius or mad man? The man who sells sneakers for $132K It's an astronomical sum for a pair of shoes, but speaks to a strategy Buscemi has employed..

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  • These Awkward Bathroom Fails will never Let You Pee Again

    It does not take a genius to install a toilet in the bathroom. it is just a matter of following instructions. In fact, the process is so straightforward, homeow..

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  • You Won’t Believe These Guinness World Records are Held by Indians!

    Indians have mastery in each and every field be it technology, medicine, sports or business. The same goes for holding unique Guinness World Records. Here are s..

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  • Swedish Woman Has Six Ribs Removed, Has 16-Inch Waist

    Former electrician Pixee Fox had already spent more than $119,200 (£79,160) on surgical procedures to achieve the perfect hourglass figure. But now she has ..

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  • 11 Most Bizzare Rituals Across the World; 9th Ritual Will Shock You

    Traditions are the integral part of any society. Traditions are passed down by our forefathers and have some special significance behind them. With the movin..

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  • Funny, Weird, Crazy!!! Drunken Girls at Their Worst

    The real fun of party begins a few hours after the hot and beautiful babes arrive. They drink like a fish but it look they don’t know how to control their inn..

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  • World’s Largest Hotel with 10000 Rooms to Open in Mecca!

    Mecca will be home to the world’s largest hotel Abraj Kudai with 10,000 rooms! Touted to be the largest hotel in the world, the project is owned by Saudi A..

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  • Read Why People Carry Frogs Marriage In Some Parts Of India

    Two frogs were married in India so that a drought might end – and a village might live happily ever after. It’s custom in some parts of India to perform ..

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