• From Drinking Urine To Plastic Here Are Weird Addictions People Have

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    Amazon Ashley ..

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  • ‘Katshki Pillar’, One Man Lives Alone On This 131 Ft High Rock Pillar For Some Divine Reason

    Once home to Stylites, the Katskhi Pillar had remained derelict for centuries, and it was only in 1944 that a team of climbers scaled the tower, finding at the ..

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  • Meet India’s Own “Lord Of Rings”

    Rakesh Vaid is a 63 year old Delhi resident owns of a massive collection of 32,000 key rings. Neighbours and friends called Rakesh Vaid "mental" and his wife..

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    Never Ever Try These Bizarre Fashion Trends ..

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  • World’s Youngest Mother Aged Just 5 Years!!

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