• 78 Pieces of Silverware Removed from Woman’s Stomach! Here Are Strangest Things Found in Human X-rays

    Strangest Things Found in Human X-rays ..

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  • Crazy Things girls do while driving, 6th Will Leave You Awestruck

    Crazy Things girls do while driving ..

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  • When a Monster Lizard Strolls into Restaurant,See What Happens Next…

    Monstrous Lizard in Restaurant ..

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  • “Chihuahua” A Flawless Dog Gets Beyonce Maternity-Themed Photoshoot

    Chihuahua's Beyonce Maternity-Themed Photoshoot ..

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  • Just One Bite of These Deadly Ants Leads to Death!

    Nature has its own wonderful creations but these creations sometimes may turn deadly. An ant may seem a small creature but are as dangerous as other venomous re..

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  • You Will Forget Your Loneliness After Seen These Pictures

    That Are Way Too Real For People Who Feel 'Forever Alone' ..

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  • Far Away From World, Here Resides the Kingdom of Dwarfs

    The Kingdom of Little People ..

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  • Ayam Cemani: A Rare Black Blooded Chicken


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  • New Species of Bird Discovered in Nepal

    Nepal has recorded a new species of bird from upper Dolpa, the largest district of the mid-western development region. Organising a press meet here on Frida..

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  • A Baby Born Without Skull, Cared by Monks!

    Baby Without Skull ..

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