Chalo Gujarat: Gujarati Conclave in US from July 31 to August 2

July 22, 2015 Author: Vishwagujarat

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The Association of Indian Americans of North America (AIANA) will host ‘Chalo Gujarat’- a world Gujarati conference to establish the unity of Gujarati speaking community in articulating aspirations and common interests. The event will give platform to social gathering as well as business opportunities within Gujarati community of India and the United States of America (USA).

After 2006, 2008 and 2012, AIANA is hosting ‘Chalo Gujarat’ for fourth time in 2015 on July 31, August 1 and 2. The conference will cover business, social, educational, health, culture, spiritual and entertainment events that affect the population.

Association of Indian Americans of North America president Sunil Nayak said, Fourth time we are going to host this event in New Jersey in America. Our aim is to make aware the new generation about culture of Gujarat. ‘Chalo Gujarat’ will not be just social event but it will give opportunities to people interested in business. We have planned interaction between Gujarati and US-based Gujarati business people which may open new opportunities to both sides.

A statement issued by AIANA said, The central theme of this three-day extravaganza will be “Atra Tatra Sarvatra” reminiscing the fact that Gujaratis are here, there and everywhere. The idea is to exhibit the success, contributions and talent of the Gujaratis of Gujarat, Gujaratis settled elsewhere in India and Gujaratis around the globe.

It added, It will be an amalgamation of traditional values and modern outlook. The past will meet the present to create an extraordinary future during these three days of historical importance.