First Successful Heart Transplant Surgery In Gujarat; Muslim Donates Heart To Hindu

December 20, 2016 Author: Vishwagujarat
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AHMEDABAD: The heart of brain dead farmer Asif Juneja, a native of Sod Vadla village in Sihor taluka, has been transplanted to 47-year-old Arjan Ambaliya in a first of its kind heart surgery in the state.

This is the first heart transplant done in Gujarat. The surgery has given a critically ill man a new life. The operation involved a Muslim donor whose heart now is functional in a Hindu recipient Arjunbhai Ambaliya.

The recipient from Jamnagar was suffering from ‘Ischameic Dialated Cardio Myopathy’ and the only treatment option available for him was a heart transplant.

Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Dhiren Shah said “the complexity of heart transplantation makes it very critical but our cardio experts at CIMS hospital made the dream come true today. The heart transplantation surgery was a success as the patient responded well to the treatment and is now recovering in ICU”.

The team of doctors who were in the heart transplant surgery included Dr. Dhiren Shah, Dr. Hemant Pathare, Dr. Shaumak Shah, Dr. Milan Chag, Dr. Dhaval Naik, Dr. Rahul Gandoli and Dr. Manan Desai.

On Monday Juneja’s heart was flown in a chartered flight from Bhavnagar for the transplant surgery done at an Ahmedabad-based CIMS hospital.

Juneja was critically injured after being hit by a speeding car while crossing the road on December 17. He was rushed to the civil hospital in Bhavnagar but declared brain dead on December 20.

Neurosurgeon at the Bhavnagar Dr. Rajendra Kabariya said “We counselled Juneja’s family members to donate this vital organs and they readily agreed. Besides the heart, his two kidneys, liver and pancreas were also harvested for four other needy patients.”

Dr Kabariya said they contacted the Ahmedabad hospital through a nodal agency that keeps a register of patients requiring heart transplant. “Earlier in November, there was a brain dead patient whose heart could be transplanted. At that time, there was no recipient in Gujarat. So, it was later given to a patient in Satara district of Maharashtra,” he said.

Furthermore, Juneja’s blood group was O negative (universal donor) and he was physically fit.

Dr Dhiren Shah, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon in Ahmedabad Hospital, said that Ambaliya was admitted to a Jamnagar based hospital suffering from histamine cardiac disorder, a severe case of heart failure, and was kept on ventilator and balloon pump. “When we completely ran out of options to save his life, we got to know about the organs of this brain dead person in Bhavnagar,” Dr Shah said.

“The heart was harvested from Bhavnagar at 8:20 am on Monday and brought through a chartered flight. A green corridor was made from Bhavnagar city to the airport and our hospital. The surgery that started at 9.30 am lasted for around four hours and the heart could be transplanted successfully,” he added.

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