Tu to Gayo, HEER and Patel vs Patrick are Hottest Upcoming Gujju Movies of 2016

March 31, 2016

Dwani Gautam with his hero Darshan

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As per Dwani Gautam ‘Patel vs Patrick’ will be a comedy film. The film is around London’s English and Gujarat’s Patel. It’s about two families. Main character is Prem Patel and games he plays with family and people outside. There are Darshan’s fans in social media and music world. They wanted Darshan’s film to be released in West Bengal and Bangladesh. So they are going to released the film there. Heroine of this film is yet not decided. Talks with Hindi film actor Sharad Saxena is on for his role in this film. The film will be released across the world including US, UK, India, Bangladesh on one date.

Dhwani Gautam is a film maker and the founder of Dhwani Gautam films. He is planning to present 3 Urban Gujarati movies in 2016 including ‘Tu to Gayo’, HEER and Patel vs Patrick.

Dhwani has only one of its kind characteristic of working with some of the top-notch filmmakers of Bollywood. He has worked as Asst. Director for Hats off Productions, Sagar Arts and For Prime Time Entertainment.

Currently he is working on many projects in which Born Again and Ziddi Dil in Hindi.

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