Vadaj Ramapir Tekra Slum Redevelopment Project To Turn Vadaj Into Smart Area in District

June 26, 2016 Author: Vishwagujarat

Ahmedabad: Under the Smart City Mission of Government of India, today following development projects were initiated/inaugurated in city of Ahmedabad.

* Works for Vadaj Ramapir tekra slum redevelopment project were launched as part of Area Based Development criteria of Smart City Mission.

* Water treatment plant was dedicated at NHL municipal medical college.

* 4 lecturer rooms were inaugurated at NHL municipal medical college.

* Common city payment system(CCPS) – Janmitra service was launched.

* Projects kicked off include wind power project, textile effluent treatment plant, water SCADA and STP SCADA projects to preserve and protect environment.

* Online registration software for issuance of ‘Birth and Death’ certificate and Healthy Smart Card for every new born child in Ahmedabad. Health Smart Card will provide information on child’s physical and mental growth and will help to keep track of vaccination dates.

* In another effort towards preserving environment, the Chief Minister distributed ‘Bio-Gold’ soil to farmers made after recycling harmful sewage through radiation technology.

* In government’s endeavor to eliminate Malnutrition project, launched ‘Anganwadi’ Software that will help in profiling 1,41,823 anganwadi kids in Ahmedabad.

Vadaj Smart District:

The Chief Minister today shared details of Vadaj Smart District and said: through Vadaj slum rehabilitation project, 11,300 families of Ramapir Tekra slum located next to Ashram road in Vadaj area near Sabarmati Gandhi ashram will receive newly constructed houses free of cost on same location by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation under Smart City Mission.

This slum rehabilitation project also includes development of ‘Vadaj Smart District’ on 52 hectares of land.

Vadaj smart district will have solar power system, rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant and green spaces.

Making use of technology, Vadaj Smart District will have sensor based LED streetlights and hi-speed internet connectivity through public WiFi hotspots.

Besides state-of-the-art facilities, Vadaj Smart District will have excellent connectivity and surveillance system to keep check on traffic and security.