29 Old Arrested for Allegedly Killing Wife and Stuffing in Plastic Bag

August 4, 2016 Author: Vishwagujarat

A 29-year-old man Feroz Khan and his live-in partner Suman have been arrested for allegedly killing his wife and dumping her body after stuffing it in a plastic bag in east Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar area.

Feroz strangled his wife a week ago, hid the body in his bed’s storage compartment, and slept with his lover on the very couch that concealed the macabre crime, police said.

Suspect Feroz Khan’s live-in partner, Suman aka Pooja, allegedly helped him get rid of his nagging wife, 31-year-old Haleema, after she found out her husband’s extramarital affair. The lovers strangled Haleema with a stole in a rented flat last Wednesday.

They hid the body in the bed box and waited for an opportunity to get rid of it. They pretended to be as normal as possible. They even welcomed guests, betraying no signs of any abnormality in their behavior.

But the fear of getting caught with a rotting body overcame the duo, and around 4am on Friday, they crushed the dead woman’s face with sticks and a blunt object. They stuffed the body with a mutilated face into a gunny bag, and dumped the sack in a waste dump nearby.

Feroz told police he and Haleema were married for around 12 years, but she left him some two years ago and started living separately. They waited tables in restaurants in east Delhi.

When Haleema came to know about Feroz’s live-in relationship, she decided to reclaim her husband despite his objection and entreaties to leave him alone. Haleema, it is said, remained adamant and mounted pressure on him to split up with Suman.

Last Wednesday, Haleema came to the flat, confronted the couple, and refused to leave. “Enraged, the duo overpowered and pinned her down. Feroz took out a stole and strangled her,” an officer said.

Delhi Police investigators approached the cold-blooded murder in a calculated way after residents informed them of a suspicious bag in the garbage dump on Friday afternoon.

Rishi Pal, the deputy commissioner of police (east), said three investigating squads collected information about women missing from nearby localities. They gathered details about missing tenants after July 26 and 27.

The landlord said Feroz and Suman, tenants of 10 months, abruptly vacated the flat on July 29.

The two were missing, and their mobile phones were switched off. But digital surveillance gave away the location of their phones — somewhere in Shakarpur. It didn’t take long to trace the new flat where the suspects were hiding.