A team of EMU, with 40 soldiers, ready to go to Nepal if the government decides

April 27, 2015 Author: Vishwagujarat
A team of EMU, with 40 soldiers, ready to go to Nepal if the government decides

A search and rescue team from the Emergency Military Unit (UME, composed of 40 military, is activated and ready to travel to Nepal if so decided by the Government sources have told local media This elite unit of the Armed Forces.

The Spanish Government has made available to the European Civil Protection Mechanism, which coordinates the activities of the member countries of the EU in circumstances such as state of the EMU team and another from the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

EMU maintains a team of search and rescue, called Use, turned round, and now are ready “with suitcases made” to move to Nepal if the government makes that decision, have pointed to the same sources.

This would be a team of 40 soldiers belonging to the Third Battalion, located in Betera (Valencia).

Since December 2011, the EMU has UN certification to act as a team of urban search and rescue, one of the twenty existing worldwide.

UN supposed to guarantee that countries send search and rescue teams duly qualified and appropriate to an emergency.

The team of Urban Search and Rescue EMU consists of effective and dogs, which provide capacity for search and rescue of trapped persons, health care and ability to command and control.

Available materials for drilling and lifting concrete slabs and cut metal sheets, plus cats capable of lifting up to 40 tons.

It can be deployed on-scene within 36 hours estimated for life to find victims trapped in rubble time.

According to the latest official data, the death toll from the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Saturday Nepal exceeds 3,700, while the injured are in the thousands and there is even a reference missing.