Cambodian Boy Plays With His Pet Python

August 11, 2015 Author: Vishwagujarat

Uorn Sambath with his Pet Python

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Uorn Sambath with his Pet Python



Nine year old Cambodian boy claiming that he pets a 5 meter long giant Python Snake. Although the message is an old one, the story is a fact.

The name of the Cambodian boy is Uorn Sambath, presently 11 years old, and has been living with a female Burmese python snake right from his childhood. The huge snake, almost of same age, weighs about 120 kilos and was named by the snake boy’s father Khuorn Sam Ol as Chomran, meaning “lucky” in Khmer language.

Sambath’s mother, Kim Kannara says that before he was born, she dreamt of a snake that would come to protect them. When Sambath was 3 months old, she discovered the reptile, coiled under a woven mat of their bed, about thumb sized then. Sambath’s father, Khuorn Sam Ol says that he took away the snake and released it into bushes, but two weeks later, one fine morning, he found the snake back in his house. They decided to keep it, and the python grew up along with the boy; Sambath’s mother describes all this as a kind of movie. They believed that the snake possesses some magical spirit and protects their family from illness. They allotted a separate 7-by-10-foot room in their house for the snake and also had a spirit house, where they all pray for the python to keep them healthy and happy.

While the boy’s mother says that she is not at all worried about the friendship of her son with the huge python, the father, a rice farmer said, “There is a special bond between them. My son played with the snake when he was still learning to crawl. They used to sleep together in a cradle.” The snake boy, Sambath says that he loves to pat his pet snake and kiss it, like a husband and wife. The family gives the python a nice water shower regularly and the boy even pats it down with baby powder. This 11 year old huge python has grown up to 6 meters long now (around 19 feet) and would eat up to 10 kilos of chicken and duck in a week. The video on right shows the snake boy Sambath with his pet python snake, Chomran. You can also see some of their pictures in the image section below.

Snake experts say that it is a fact that pythons rarely attack humans until and unless they are provoked, but still there is an element of danger for any young child to play with such a large python snake that has a powerful grip capable of breaking bones easily. Many wildlife protectors, police officials and movie makers tried to take away this pet snake from Sambath and put it in a zoo, but the snake boy said, “I will not let anyone take her away from me, either. I love her very much,” while kissing his beloved pet on the head.

The message can be shared, as a good example to show that love can pet-friend anyone, a dangerous snake as well. Of course, readers are warned not to try anything of this kind.