Pakistan Fake Babur-3 Nuclear Test Missile; Claims Photoshop Expert

January 10, 2017 Author: Dushyant Goswami

Pakistan may have faked the launch video of sea based Babur-3 missile claims photo-shop expert. Pakistan has proudly announced the launch of the nuclear-capable Babur-3 cruise missile.

Some technical evidence by the experts, including a satellite imagery analyst based in Pathankot, have suggested that Pakistan has faked the missile video and used computer graphics to depict much of the weapon’s flight.

The analyst, in a series of tweets, claimed that Pakistan insidiously used a computer generated image of a missile over the background to show that Babur-3 was successful.

Colonel (retired) Vinayak Bhat, an imagery expert, has told India Today TV that the video of the launch released by the Pakistan Army appears to be computer-generated. He also said the colour of the missile changes from white to orange in the video released by Pakistan. Even the speed of the missile is impossibly high, he said.

The nuclear-capable Babur-3 missile, which has a range of 450 km (280 miles) was fired from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean.

The Babur-3 is a sea-based variant of the ground-launched Babur-2 missile, which was tested in December. The military said the missile had features such as “underwater controlled propulsion and advanced guidance and navigation”