Amazing Facts About Dreams that You Might Not Know

March 4, 2017 Author: Bhushan Sathe
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    Unknown Facts About Dreams..!!


    Dreams are inexplicable part of life. Some dreams elate you while sometimes you get terrified due to them.  Several times you see unimaginable part of life in these dreams. You may be amused after knowing various interesting facts about dreams.

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    Sleep Paralysis


    There are people who suffer from sleep paralysis. This happens due to nightmares. The dreamer becomes unable to make any physical movement. This phenomenon occurs due to mechanism in brain.

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    Different Genders, Different Dreams

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    The dreams of man and woman differ from one another. Most of the characters of man are men while woman see both men and women in equal number. Men have strong emotions in their dreams.

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    Blind People Also Dream


    Although blind people don't see, they can dream. But in dreams they involve senses other than sight. While those become blind after birth also dream.

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    Many Dreams In Single Night

    Many Dreams In Single Night

    You can see many dreams in a single night. A person can have 4-7 dreams in a night.

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    Difficult To Recall Dreams

    Difficult To Recall Dreams

    It is not possible to remember the whole dream. People forget dreams within some time after waking up from sleep. Few folks remember some part of dream while others forget them completely.

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    Day Dreaming


    Day dreaming is phenomenon of dreaming with open eyes. There are people who get into day dreaming very often. It happens when your dream has been carried forward.

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    Many Dreams In Single Night

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