Senior Congress Leader Openly Asked PM Narendra Modi To Join Congress

January 9, 2017 Author: Dushyant Goswami

We have seen many politicians changing their parties either for personal or political gains. And those who are enemies become friends with the changing time and ruling government vice versa.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is facing a lots of criticism from the opposition parties these days following the hardships common people and political parties faced due to note ban, One of the main opposition party in centre is Congress and they are criticizing, protesting the note ban and PM Modi for implementing it. Even PM Modi was alleged of personal corruption by the party’s vice President during a rally post demonetisation.

But those who is criticizing him (PM Narendra Modi) was offered to join the Congress Party.

The people who always cried “Foul” against Modi once wanted him in their party. This is how time changes. A responsible and a big Congress leader asked Modi to join Congress on National TV once.

Yes- It is true. A video has surfaced in which Narendra Modi and Congress leader Jai Ram Ramesh are there in the show and a discussion was going on. Modi said that Congress is busy getting their vote share back from the third front and hence there is no harm for BJP.

With this Congress leader openly asked Modi to join Congress. See what Modi said about this offer.