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  • Are New Currency Notes Reaching Directly To The Individuals From The Mints?

    After demonetisation lots of black money was flushed out and banks has received lakhs of crore of rupees deposited post note ban, Meanwhile, people are facing hardships to get the money exchanged after demonetisation as government has announced limitations on exchanging the scrapped money into new c..

  • 2 Cr Rs Cash, 30 Kg Silver Seized From An Engineer In Meerut

    Cash worth more than Rs 2 crore in both old and new notes, and 30 kilograms of silver have been seized from an engineer of the district irrigation department, an Income Tax official said on Tuesday. I-T raids are being conducted since last morning on the residences, office and bank lockers of R ..

  • New Notes: RBI Mystifies With Its Mixed-Up Math

    Either the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is uncharacteristically cavalier with the demonetisation-related figures it has given out periodically since November 8 or, more worryingly, its number crunchers are getting their math mixed up. For, the numbers that the apex bank has put out so far do not a..