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  • Know How Cyber Thieves Steal Gift Card Balances

    Security vendor Distil Networks announced on March 24 that it has discovered an automated bot it is calling Gift GhostBot that is being used to steal retail gift card balances in a global attack. Gift cards have once again caused quite a headache for retailers, as cyber criminals are using a botn..

  • Zyxel Launches Indoor Night Vision Camera

    Networking company Zyxel Communications on Monday launched Aurora, an indoor night vision camera that enables users to monitor their homes live in full HD and colour with real-time mobile notifications. With the two-way audio feature, users can record whatever is happening around the camera and o..

  • Gravitational Waves Boot Monster Black Hole From Galactic Core

    NASA's Hubble space telescope has detected a supermassive black hole that has been kicked out of the centre of a distant galaxy by what could be the awesome power of gravitational waves. Weighing more than one billion suns, the rogue black hole is the most massive black hole ever detected to hav..

  • Face Recognition Robots Already Making Our Lives A Misery

    I ran at Olympic speed for a bus but missed it, so I had to pretend that I always go jogging in a business suit and I ended up a sweaty mess a kilometre from the transport hub. I hate travel. Once at an airport I was chased by R2-D2, and he had a gun. This is not a joke. Terminal three of the int..

  • Adobe, Microsoft Working Together On Artificial Intelligence

    Adobe and Microsoft are jointly working on artificial intelligence (AI) to offer better products and provide customers more automated, intelligence-based experiences, a top Adobe official said here. Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Marketing, of Adobe said the two tech ..

  • Hybrid Smartwatch Revenue To Cross $1 Bn In 2017

    The hybrid smartwatch segment will cross $1 billion mark in revenue in 2017, almost doubling annually, market analytics firm Counterpoint Research said. The hybrid smartwatches look and function like traditional analogue watches, but include smart features like step tracking, heart rate monitor, ..

  • Indian Startups Bet On AI In 2017

    As data science gets set to drive the artificial intelligence (AI) market in 2017, a few Indian startups are initiating development of conversational bots, speech recognition tools, intelligent digital assistants and conversational services to be built over social media channels, a joint study by Pw..

  • 6 Creative Things To Do With Your Old Electronics Device

    Creative Things To Do With Your Old Electronics Device Reduce, reuse, recycle… is the motto. F..

  • Portronics Launches Bluetooth Earphone At Rs 1,999

    Domestic digital solutions provider Portronics on Wednesday launched "Harmonics Klip", a dual-purpose music and calling enabled retractable Bluetooth earphone with noise cancellation technology. Priced at Rs 1,999, the earphone is available on both online and offline platforms. The device work..

  • Alibaba Launches India-Specific Content Platform

    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba on Wednesday announced the launch of an India-specific content platform -- We-Media Reward Plan 2 -- with an initial investment of Rs 5 crore, as part its plan to invest Rs 200 crore over the next two years to drive content distribution in the country. The announc..

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