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  • Earth-Like Planets
    Astronomers Discover 7 Earth-Like Planets Orbiting Nearby Star

    At least seven Earth-like planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away and each may contain liquid water and be able to sustain life, astronomers announced at a news conference at NASA Headquarters here. A Belgian-led team was able to spy these planets using space and ground-based telescope..

  • Scientists Develop Humanlike Biological Robots
    Humanlike Biological Robots

    A team of scientists has developed small, soft biological robots bio-bots that can walk and swim on their own or when triggered by electrical or light signals. These tiny muscle-powered robots were first 3-D printed and then seeded with muscle cells. The cells self-organised to form functional ti..

  • Smartron t.Book: Ideal For Multimedia Consumption

    Combining a laptop's productivity with the consumption capability of a tablet, hybrid devices known as 2-in-1s are now in heavy demand in the Indian market. Joining the bandwagon is homegrown player Smartron with its t.book aiming to give consumers the best of both worlds. Priced at Rs 42,999, t...

  • NASA Creates 2 Space Technology Research Institutes
    milky way at dawn and silhouette of a telescope

    In line with its shift in focus from low-Earth orbit to deep space missions, NASA has selected proposals for the creation of two multi-disciplinary, university-led research institutes that will focus on the development of technologies critical to extending human presence deeper into our solar system..

  • 3D Printing, Virtual Reality Used To Bring Dinosaur To ‘Life’
    3D printing, virtual reality used to bring dinosaur to 'life'

    A team of Australian scientists are using a world-first approach combining three-dimensional (3D) printing and virtual reality (VR) to bring a dinosaur "back to life". Palaeontologists at a site in New South Wales state near the Great Ocean Road have uncovered more than 200 bits of bones of the w..

  • Know The Internet Speed At NASA

    NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)is the agency of the United States Federal Government responsible for the civilian space program.NASA was started in 1958 as a part of the United States government. We all know about that Google provide 10 Gigabit per second Internet speed with i..

  • Mars Had Water In Recent Past

    Researchers have discovered a patch of land in an ancient valley near Mars' equator that appears to have been flooded by water in the not-too-distant past. The scientists believe that the findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, offer a prime target to begin searching for ..

  • BenQ Launches Portable LED Projector
    BenQ launches portable LED projector

    Taipei-based technology major BenQ on Wednesday launched CH100, a portable LED projector designed for web designers and graphic artists. Priced at Rs 1,50,000, CH100 delivers precisely accurate picture quality with sRGB colour fidelity and full-HD resolution. "We are passionate about design ou..

  • NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Purple Rocks On Red Planet

    Recent Martian photographs taken by NASA's Curiosity rover have revealed purple rocks on the surface of the Red planet. NASA officials have called this a suggestion to a greater degree of diversity in the geological composition of the region, and a hint as to what caused Mars to lose most of its ..

  • NASA Solar Observatory To Add Leap Second To Master Clock

    To maintain accuracy, NASA said its missions, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, which continuously watches the sun, will join official clocks around the world in adding a leap second to the final minute of 2016. On December 31, 2016, official clocks around the worl..

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