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  • 6 Creative Things To Do With Your Old Electronics Device

    Creative Things To Do With Your Old Electronics Device Reduce, reuse, recycle… is the motto. For..

  • Mars Had Water In Recent Past

    Researchers have discovered a patch of land in an ancient valley near Mars' equator that appears to have been flooded by water in the not-too-distant past. The scientists believe that the findings, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, offer a prime target to begin searching for ..

  • BenQ Launches Portable LED Projector

    Taipei-based technology major BenQ on Wednesday launched CH100, a portable LED projector designed for web designers and graphic artists. Priced at Rs 1,50,000, CH100 delivers precisely accurate picture quality with sRGB colour fidelity and full-HD resolution. "We are passionate about design ou..

  • NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Purple Rocks On Red Planet

    Recent Martian photographs taken by NASA's Curiosity rover have revealed purple rocks on the surface of the Red planet. NASA officials have called this a suggestion to a greater degree of diversity in the geological composition of the region, and a hint as to what caused Mars to lose most of its ..

  • NASA Solar Observatory To Add Leap Second To Master Clock

    To maintain accuracy, NASA said its missions, including the Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, which continuously watches the sun, will join official clocks around the world in adding a leap second to the final minute of 2016. On December 31, 2016, official clocks around the worl..

  • Panasonic Launches Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones

    Panasonic India on Wednesday launched new Bluetooth sports earphones RP-BTS50 which are designed to experience clear sound while working out at the gym, cycling or running. Priced at Rs 8,999, the RP-BTS50 is waterproof, comes with a 12mm driver which is compatible with aptX, AAC and has blue LED..

  • Zuckerberg Denies Stealing Oculus Technology

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has denied the allegations of stealing technology that was used to create the Oculus virtual reality (VR) headset by saying that Oculus did not use the technology it did not own. "We are highly confident that Oculus products are built on Oculus technology. The idea th..

  • Brainwavz Launches Two New Headphones

    Hong Kong-based audio company Brainwavz Audio on Monday launched new 'B Series' of headphones in India. The devices -- B100 and B150 -- are priced at Rs 4,199 and Rs 7,499 respectively. Both the headphones come with single balanced armature that has been tuned to produce a well-rounded sound, foc..

  • Don’t Miss Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

    Scientists have released incredible new images of Jupiter megastorm from the data sent by its Juno probe that reveal a crescent Jupiter and the iconic Great Red Spot. Below the Great Red Spot is visible a reddish long-lived storm known as Oval BA. It also has a series of storms shaped like white ..

  • Why Uber Is Bullish On Carpooling, Ride-Sharing For Indian Roads

    Getting "more people into fewer cars" has the potential to cut congestion and, therefore, pollution in urban cities. In India, carpooling and ride-sharing can actually improve urban mobility and global online cab-hailing app Uber has hit the ground running on this count. For a country that consid..