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  • US Army To Let Sikhs Wear Turbans, Karas, Keep Beards

    In another milestone for Sikhs, US Army commanders have been ordered to allow those of the faith to wear turbans, karas and keep their beards. Army Secretary Eric Fanning on Wednesday signed the order that said: "The soldier's brigade-level commander will approve a request for a religious accommo..

  • IS Puts Up Tough Defence Of Mosul

    Iraqi forces advancing on Mosul faced stiff resistance from the Islamic State group despite an unprecedented wave of US-led coalition air strikes in support of the week-old offensive. Federal forces and Kurdish peshmerga fighters gained ground in several areas, AFP correspondents said, but the j..

  • US Army Allows Sikh Captain to Keep Beard and Turban

    In a temporary relaxing of service rules, an active duty US army captain of Sikh faith has been allowed to keep his beard and turban. Even as Sikhs in America, often mistaken for Muslims and continue to be the target of hate crimes. Ignorant Americans would often yell "Osama!" at them, and in some i..

  • Boeing, Tata to make Apache fuselage in Hyderabad

    Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) on Wednesday formally announced that a centre to manufacture aerostructures for AH-64 Apache helicopter will come up in Hyderabad. The announcement was made by the officials of the two companies in the presence of Telangana's Informa..

  • US military to Unleash Latest Beast in their Army

    WASHINGTON: First there was the Jeep, then came the Humvee. Now the US military has a new all-purpose vehicle that's destined to become another emblem of American fighting power: the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle. Granted, the name is not as catchy as its predecessors, but the Joint Light Tactica..

  • US Army to downsize, lay off 40,000 soldiers by 2018
    US Army to downsize, lay off 40,000 soldiers by 2018

    Washington : The US Army has announced that it will cut 40,000 soldiers by the end of 2018, shrinking its size from 490,000 to 450,000 due to budget constraints, an official statement said. The statement issued by the US Department of Defense on Thursday said the reduction of force structure will..

  • US Army plans to lay off 40,000 military posts
    US Army plans to lay off 40,000 military posts

    Washington : The US Army is set to cut 40,000 military and 17,000 civilian posts, between 2015 and 2017, due to budget constraints, US media reported. Citing a senior official from the Department of Defense, CNN and USA Today reported on Tuesday that the layoffs would be officially announced this..

  • US army to cut 40,000 soldiers from army: Official

    WASHINGTON: The US army is to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years at home and abroad, a defense official said on Tuesday, in a move that will raise doubts about its ability to fight wars. Under the cost-cutting plan, the Army will be down to 450,000 soldiers at the end of ..

  • Sikh student can join US army with beard, turban

    Washington: A Sikh college student will be able to join the US Army, without being forced to cut his hair, shave his beard or stop wearing his turban thanks to a Washington court ruling. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled last week that the Army violated Hofstra University student Ikno..

  • US orders more troops to Iraq

    The expanded military campaign will set up a new base in Anbar province to advise Iraqi forces on how to plan and organise operations and help them reach out to Sunni tribes and bring them into the battle. It leaves out any move to send US forces closer to the frontline, either to call in air str..