Panasonic India Launches Handheld Massager

March 7, 2016 Author: Vishwagujarat

Panasonic India has launched its exclusive all-body rolling handheld massager costing Rs.3,295 to cure patients with multiple orthopaedic and nerve ailments.

Saving the time, effort and money invested in a trip to the beauty parlour or spa, the massager EV2510-K provides a luxury at-home masseuse experience.

The massager is equipped with three rollers and enables the user to adjust the intensity of the pressure according to one’s need. The vibration system offers a deeply soothing all-body treatment with a portable design, ideal for achieving stress relief while travelling.

This personal care product is curated to settle all types of pain, muscle cramps and relax any spasms. It has a pinpoint head to pacify pain and provide effective acupressure in concentrated stiff areas, joints and muscles.

This sturdy yet flexible massager allows a user to reach key sensitive zones of the body that are not easily accessible. Ergonomically designed, the special elbow-angled design allows it to reach lower, middle and upper back areas to relieve the user of all aches. ( IANS )