5 Weird Kissing Styles Women Hate The Most!!

May 18, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Too Much Tongue

    One of the biggest things to know,Don't involve too much tongue in your kiss, unless your girlfriend wants it. If you use too much force with your tongue, you might make her gag and it is a huge Deal Breaker.
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    Suffocating Smooch

    you ever kissed someone who never want to come up for air. You may want to make her feel breathless, but avoid making her feel that she is going to die.
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    The Vacuum

    Think of having a hand-held vacuum and sticking your lips on it. This kind of kiss feels like the person is trying to suck out all the air from your mouth.This is not going to crave her for your lips, if that's what you think.
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    The Biter

    It might be okay once in a while especially if you both are onto some wild, but if you do it often, it will freak her out. She might leave you feeling scared as if you will eat her!
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    Too Wet

    You know that feeling when spit is left all over your mouth after you kiss someone? When you have to wipe off your mouth and chin afterwards? It seriously feels as if we just stood in front of a sprinkler.