7 Weird People You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !!

May 17, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Big Beshine

    Enter Beshine! The lady who packs a real punch. Doesn't her back hurt from all of that? Beshine has become an Internet sensation, and for good reason. Kudos to this lady for doing, or shall we saw owning, what she loves.
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    Long Legged Lady

    This woman is absolutely huge! We are used to seeing men that are really tall, but Elisany da Cruz Silva is one of the biggest women we've ever seen. She is thought to be 6 foot and 8 inches tall, which is bigger than most men.
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    Corset Training

    From the largest breasts in the world to the tiniest waist. This German lady has taken corset training to a whole new level, in order to have the smallest waist in the world. We bet she found the belly button challenge super easy.
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    so long Lashes

    We bet this guy doesn't need to use fake eyelashes when he goes out for a night on the town. He has the world's longest lashes and they make us feel a little bit sick. Why wouldn't you trim them at least? Please, trim them.
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    Magnet Man

    Imagine being this guy at a dinner party? He has real life magnetic powers that mean metal objects stick to him. You want to keep your knives and forks well away. Apparently it has something to do with the stickiness of his skin. Gross.
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    Human Eye Pop

    Kim Goodman, who’s eyes can be seen popping just below, broke the world record with this little stunt! Goodman's eye popping game is seriously strong .she can pop her peepers as far as 0.47 inches out of her eye sockets! As freaky as that is, it's quite impressive.
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    Huge Legs

    Mandy Sellars was diagnosed with proteus syndrome a condition which results in huge lumps to develop on the skin tissue and deformation and thickening of bones. This rare syndrome is thought to have affected as few as 120 people worldwide. Sellars legs have become extremely large, weighing a whopping 95 kg and measuring one meter in circumference!