From Elephant’s Dung Juice to Goat’s Testicles This Man Have Ate it All

April 18, 2017 Author: Abhi Velani
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    Bear Grylls 

    Worldly famous for his Television series “ Man Vs. Wild” Bear Grylls has hardly left any creepy things apart from food to taste.

    From snacking on raw fish with Obama, eating animal faeces, to drinking his own urine the guy has left no bar in experimenting new foods.

    Bear has faced hundreds of challenges that would make us vomit, and he’s shown time and time again that it’s not always stunning skylines and beautiful sunsets out in the wild.

    He has gained a reputation for his willingness to eat and drink just about anything remotely edible that crosses his path. Here are a few creepy things he has consumed which no one would dare to eat:

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    Raw Snake

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    Raw Crocodile

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    Moose Heart

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    Dead Camel

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    Live Scorpio

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    Goat Testicles

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    Yak’s Eyeballs

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    Raw Zebra