Get Your Meal For Free Completing These Food Challenge

March 17, 2017 Author: Diksha Jani
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    Food Challenge

    Get Your Meal For Free Completing These Food Challenge

    Food challenges are really popular and there are always willing participants ready to take on enormous piles of food to win a grand prize.

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    Big Fat Ugly Sandwich Challenge

    This restaurant locates in south of Chicago in the college town of Champaign. This Fat Sandwich Company known for their odd and unattractive names that fill their restaurant menu.

    This sandwich known as the Big, Fat and Ugly. It is filled with a mish-mash of everything, the sandwich includes two rolls, four cheeseburgers, chicken fingers and nuggets, cheesesteak, grilled chicken, hash browns, pizza bites, fried mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, mini corndogs, macaroni and cheese.

    If anyone can complete this meal in just 15 minute then he or she got the return of their meal and they also write their name.

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    Big Pie In The Sky Challenge

    The pizza lovers can try this challenge once. The city of Kennesaw, Georgia where a restaurant known as Big Pie in the Sky provides you the large size of pizza ehich you can share with your family and friends.

    Weighing in at 11 pounds of cheesy goodness, competitors only have one hour to finish the pie and face some pretty strict rules in the competition.

    Once the clock starts, competitors must stay at the table and can only get up to let their stomachs settle; there are no bathroom breaks. Only seven people can finish the challenge and they got the refund of their meal.

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    Hail Mary Steak Challenge

    It is one kind of prayer to mother Mary and it is also added in a food in Canada. When it comes to the Grill’s gut buster Hail Mary, you might want to say a few Hail Mary’s of your own before taking on the challenge.

    With an impressive 67-ounce ribeye steak that racks up an incredible $75 tab, the Grill also throws in a pound of French fries and a pound of coleslaw.

    The best thing about this meal is you have no time limit and if you complete it then you can get the refund of your meal.

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    Hindustan Ka Sabse Bada Paratha

    With a diameter of 3 Subway sandwiches put in a line, India's biggest parantha is not something you would casually eat for breakfast with a pot of dahi and a tablespoon of pickle.

    Weighing a kilogram, if this parantha is eaten within 50 minutes, you are assured a lifetime's supply of paranthas.

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    Khade Chamach Ki Chai

    A cup of tea that's so sweet (90% sugar), a spoon stands perfectly straight in it. Gulp down this sugary roller coaster and you might just be up on the wall of fame followed by a rigorous sugar free diet.

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    Kitchen Sink Sundae Contest

    The San Francisco Creamery Co., which is actually located in nearby Walnut Creek, California, is home to the Kitchen Sink Sundae Contest where competitors gear up for the biggest ice-cream.

    the Sundae Contest lets competitors indulge as they get to pick eight scoops of ice cream and then add eight different toppings.

    Add in three bananas, cherries, nuts and whipped cream and you’ve got a real brain freeze in the works. In this challenge there are no time limits. But as early you finish the ice-cream your name will be register in a record book.

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    Loch Ness Monster

    The Loch Ness Monster is a full loaf of Italian bread that is filled with steak, Italian meatballs, sausage, mushrooms, cheese, onions, peppers and a hefty serving of marinara and the weight is 8 pounds.

    With only 90 minutes to finish the challenge, winners get their picture on the Wall of Fame, a t-shirt and the $46 meal for free.

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    Pancake Challenge

    From cereal and bacon covered donuts in Oregon to pancakes in Seiad Valley, California. A quaint little restaurant that packs a big punch when it comes to towering and intimidating food challenges.

    The Café has spent the last 20 years tempting even the biggest of pancake lovers with their five-pound stack of pancakes complete with butter and syrup.

    This pancake is about 50 regular size pancakes with enough butter and syrup to sink a ship. Customer has to complete it in a 2 hours only.

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    Tex Ass Voodoo Donuts Challenge

    One of the most popular chains in Portland, Oregon and Denver, Colorado, Voodoo Donuts is known for its odd flavors and strange presentations spanning cereal toppings and candy to bacon (mmm, bacon!).

    But, the biggest and most famous of all is the Tex-Ass Challenge which serves up the biggest donut imaginable, which is actually the size of six normal donuts.

    The size of the donut is just like a brain and it have to complete in just 80 seconds. If anyone complete it then he or she get the complete refund and diabetes in complimentary.

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    The WTF Burger Challenge

    The burger is a foot long and weighs a hefty 2 kgs! It is stuffed with 6 different patties of chicken, sausage, and salami, and is topped with an egg.

    Served with a side of fries and a milkshake, finish it in 30 minutes and you make it to the wall of fame. Finish it in 15 minutes and you've got yourself a meal for free!