Never Ever Try These Bizarre Fashion Trends

May 15, 2017 Author: Diksha Jani
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    Never Ever Try These Bizarre Fashion Trends

    Never Ever Try These Bizarre Fashion Trends

    The world of fashion is one that is constantly evolving. If we trace the history of fashion, we can remember some icon and landmark trends that dominated the world of fashion for decades.

    Some fashion trends are dangerous or some are quirky. Before following such weird fashion blindly. Check out the list and then decide.

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    Bagel Heads

    Getting injected a saline into the forehead to get a bagel/doughnut type shape on forehead is not an easy task.

    It is such a painful job to get such shapes, people of Japan promoted the trend called as “Bagel head”. It is a kind of Body modification technique initiated in Canada and highly encouraged by the Japan’s Fashion World.

    The process is basically a swelling distortion caused by the saline drip. For this, the person’s forehead is to be injected by a medical 300-400cc saline for about duration of 2 hours, and to change the designs the swelled part is sometimes given a down turn at the center.

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    Barbie Flu

    The Barbie fever is so dangerous and destructive for everyone. Playing with barbies are good to being look like a barbie is not less than to kill yourself.

    In Ukraine women are turning themselves into living Barbies by getting plastic surgeries done. The men aren’t far behind either and are getting surgeries done to look more like Ken.

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    Colored Armpit Hair

    This is one of those bizarre fashion trends. The new fashion trend endorsed by celebrities like Miley Cyrus is of dying your armpit hair of different colors.

    Women have grown their armpit hair and gotten them dyed. It is totally ridiculous and weird. Girls also not looking so cool and beautiful with this weird fashion.

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    Elf Boot

    These boots are long, pointy and sort of asinine looking, and were in trend in Mexico. Because of this the cowboy boots with stretched tips again came in fashion among the young generation of southern Mexico.

    It is kind of a trend when the male dress up to get interest of females, but at the end becomes a reason to laugh at.

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    Eye Jewelry

    Another bizarre fashion trend that makes no sense whatsoever is eye jewelry. Having started in Netherlands eight years ago, this ‘trend’ makes it possible for precious metal studs to be inserted into one’s eye.

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    Eye Tattoos

    It is most dangerous trend in Canada. People are obsessed of doing this. The tattoo lovers also used eyes for their tattoos. We teel you not to try this because it is harmful to the retina.

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    Gothic Lolitas

    We all know the comic con craze that goes in Japan but the recent trend has just weirded us out. Gothic Lolitas have taken over the fashion trend in Japan where women are dressing up in gothic clothing and makeup with an umbrella as a prop.

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    Hitler Chic

    Hitler died many years ago but his fashion sense has stayed. Thailand has been recently seen with a Hitler fashion craze.

    People are seen wearing shirts with Hitler’s face, accessories, posters and many other things. It is really not good for the Thai nation.

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    Apart from being an absolute fail of an attempt at copying leggings, meggings are just not good to look at. At all.

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    South African Metal Heads

    At the risk of generalizing, heavy metal has usually had problems with attracting audience members of African descent.

    Lately though, classic, old-school metal fashion—of the leather and chains variety—has dominated the counter-culture movement in the Southern African nation of Botswana.

    It is really hard to wear the metal suit. It is the symbol of fighter and freedom. No one can insult them and no one ever having the guts to call them out on it.

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    The Facekini

    As we all know sun rays are very important for the body. Vitamin D will get from the sunrays, but sometime sun-rays are also harmful for the skin.

    So the people of China have decided that after using sunscreen they are using face mask which is known as faceikini.

    They are using this mask to protect their skin from sun-rays. The Chinese have taken the fashion industry back to the stone ages.