Shocking: Chinese Employees Forced to Do This on Missing Targets

May 9, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala
Chinese Employees

You will be Shocked to Know How These Chinese Employees Punished if they don’t finish Their Target

For working professionals specially the ones doing sales, targets are no less than a nightmare.

Not missing to mention the chase for completing the targets during the month end and the bombarding from your boss! We all face the cons when we miss the targets given!

But this Chinese company has a really weird way to punish its employees if they do not meet with their targets. The employees of this company are made to have bitter gourds if they fail to hit their targets.

In a pitiless punishment, Leshang Decorations Corporation forced 40 of its employees to eat bitter gourd in front of their colleagues for not meeting their sales goals.

And to make it worse the management made sure that they picked up the most bitter and big bitter gourds!! And if they threw up, there were made to eat more of it.

The company had this cruel punishment hoping to motivate the employees who did not perform but it turned out to be the other way round. The punishment pushed around 50% of employees to quit.