Unexplored 5 Weird Beaches Around The World No One Know It Exist

May 16, 2017 Author: Gaurav Shingala
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    Glass Beach

    Fort Bragg residents used this Californian beach as a public dumping ground. the crashing surf smoothed these discarded glass shards into gleaming pebbles. Glass Beach is the result, and features a surreal-looking shoreline littered with smooth shards of this sea glass. The beach is now visited by thousands of tourists every year, and a Glass Festival is held annually on Memorial Day weekend.
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    Hidden Beach

    On the Marietas Islands in Mexico’s Puerto Vallarta, there is a hidden, sandy beach called Playa de Amor or ‘Hidden Beach’.it’s just the world’s most picturesque bomb site.The Mexican Government used the islands as a military testing site. Controlled detonations are believed to have carved out chunks of the rocky landscape, creating this hidden, picturesque beach and a system of caves.
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    Shell Beach

    Shell Beach in Western Australia’s Shark’s Bay is not a sand beach. This unique beach is instead covered by trillions of tiny bleached white shells.These shells come from the Hamelin Cockle clam, a mollusc species with an abundant local population, owing to it is high salt concentration tolerance.Shell Beach is one of only two shell beaches in the world.
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    Hot Water Beach

    New Zealand’s Hot Water Beach is so-called because of its incredible underground hot springs, which filter up through the sand, creating natural Jacuzzis.Hot Water Beach is a part of Coromandel Peninsula and is found just a short distance from Whitianga. The beach is a huge tourist magnet, and visitors can rent spades and buckets to dig their own personal hot tub.
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    Vik Beach

    Vik Beach is a stunning black sand and pebble beach near Iceland’s rainy, southernmost point. Volcanic activity is common in Iceland and Vik Beach’s black sand is believed to have been caused by hot lava which has flowed into the frigid ocean.